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What We Do For Clients

You lead a passionate team that's driven to make a difference. Your people respect experience, but they value accomplishment. They've seen the exponential impact of top players. It's a great team that leverages superior talent to run circles around bigger teams. Your metrics are promising... revenue-per-employee... retention... market share. It's all good.

It's a balancing act.

You need to focus on deals, clients and releases. Yet, you're not ready to compromise on the quality of your people. You've seen that slippery slope that leads to bloated payrolls and burn-rates. You've tried headhunters. But, your budget can't afford it. Then you put recruiters on your payroll. That just added to your headcount. You even posted on LinkedIn and others... but that was a crap shoot. You'd love to find a real honest-to-goodness recruiting partner that you can trust.

Invest some time in getting to know us.

We see talent the same way you do. We're evangelists who can speak to the cream of the crop... real headhunters who will help you compete for the best players. Our experience and market knowledge might even make your team better.